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Smoke One collection - Electronic publication


Image of Smoke One collection - Electronic publication

Smoke One is Transportation Press' first collection of the best work from our international microfiction competition.
The collection, selected by judge Adam Ouston is available either electronically or printed on gorgeous quality looseleaf paper.
The competition was generously sponsored by Fullers Bookshop
The writers and the work included in this publication are listed below -

First prize - 
Dalian Blood Futures by Daniel Young 
Runners Up
Zoo by Robbie Arnott 
What is a Hornet by Patrick Lenton 

Highly Commendeds
A Transformation by Peter Timms
A World by Jasmine Searle
Lights That Never Go Out by Akis Papantonis
Green by Miriam McGarry
Wishful Thinking by Susan Lloy
Hope Floats by Madeleine Habib
The Expert by Ben Walter
Every Story is a Detective Story by Bella Li
Chasing A Cairo Coffee by Kali Myers
Connect and Divide by Bel Woods
Letter to Genghis by Konrad Muller
Eyelashes by Tania Marlowe
Choked by Matt G Turpin
Do You Mind If (after AW & SB) by Stuart Barnes
Antlers by Andrew Harper
Touch Me Not by Cam Daeng
Oh My Dear Twilight Sparkle How I Love You by Victor Medrano-Bonilla
A Great Weight by Michael Louis Kennedy